Confident Kids Make Better Choices!


"Words cannot reflect the caring and support of the staff. The dedication of my child's coach demonstrated this year is commendable and highly professional. I would invite anyone to see this amazing school and how wonderful the staff and people are."

"MGA gymnastics is a fabulous gymnastics school for kids. The instructors treat the kids with respect, encouragement and most of all enthusiasm. When my child comes out of class she always seems so proud of herself… I LOVE IT!"

"I love MGA because of the wonderful staff and because of the smile it puts on my daughter's face when she gets a new move! My daughter loves MGA because everyone is so nice to her (coaches and students). She is always so excited to go to class. Even her brother saw how much fun she was having and begged me to sign him up too!"

"Our family has grown with MGA for the past 21 years. I competed on their team and now my three girls go there. It’s amazing to see my coaches and now their family, coaching my family! Along with gymnastics skills, they developed lifelong skills of time management, self-discipline, and living a healthy life. I honestly feel MGA played a big part of the person I am today. Thank you MGA! I LOVE YOU!"

"My daughter has been to just about every gymnastics program in the area, but your gym is the only one she stayed with! After 3 years of your classes I have seen a big change in her skills, but more importantly in her attitude. She has been so much more positive and seems so determined to do well in anything she does. She has an air of confidence and always seems so happy. From the bottom of my heart I sincerely want to thank your family and staff… you are AMAZING!!!!"

“I tell everyone how wonderful this school is. My daughter has learned useful skills that have prevented her from getting hurt. The teachers are very patient with my now 2 year old who has been attending since 17 months old and lacks listening skills. It’s incredibly clean and we are so happy we decided to enroll her here. Every time we think about pulling her out to save money we decide not to because she has gotten so much from the classes.”

Thank you MGA for serving our community, providing wonderful coaches and making my child feel so special! I remember when I started training at MGA when I was 8 years old and now my daughter goes here. I felt a level of trust that I did not find anywhere else, I truly felt like MGA was a second home to me and my family. Everyone praised my daughter each time she would come into the facility and everyone is always so friendly to us. A few years ago I had my 2nd child who is now in the Tot & Me class and is developing with his class and coach very well. We have been to other places for parties and events, but MGA is our natural choice it has something special, a place we can always rely on for a good quality program. I would highly recommend the school.

"MGA has not only built my daughter's skills over the past three years, but it has also developed her confidence in her skills and ultimately, in herself. I feel that my daughter has grown as a person as well as a gymnast, without experiencing the pressure and competitiveness that are often inherent in many programs. The best part of the “MGA experience” is that the Snider family and their staff makes us feel like we are part of their family. If you want your child to truly learn how to be a gymnast with a solid foundation of what “good sportsmanship” truly means, then this is the place for your family."

"My two girls are back at MGA again. After my oldest decided she wanted to take at another gymnastics center, where friends were taking, we switched. 3 months later, we switched back to MGA. I found the care, personalization and genuine concern for my kids learning and safety of the MGA staff could not be beat. We are so happy we switched back!"

"I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for you, your family and such an incredible establishment. We have been coming to you for over 10 years. I love the support and personalization that MGA brings. You have proven to be a well-rounded, supportive place for young people to go and feel good about themselves. Feeling special and not like just a number, is one of the main reasons why we keep coming back. My children have also learned life lessons by learning to respect one's self and others with your guidance. Most of all, we feel a sense of belonging. We are always greeted with friendly staff and that makes for a genuinely overall great experience."