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Do you offer make-ups if my child has to miss their class?

Yes! We offer unlimited make-ups during the time your child is enrolled in the program.

Once their enrollment ends, however, the chance to use your make-ups does too.

Refunds are not given for any missed classes.

Can my child try a class before we enroll?

Yes! We offer one free trial class per student.

How long are your sessions?

You are not “locked in” to a session or term. Registration and tuition are month to month.

How does my enrollment work?

Once your child is enrolled in a program, they will automatically be re-enrolled each month until September so they don’t lose their spot in the class. If you should decide to stop, you may do so at any time by emailing our Customer Care Department and letting us know what month will be your last (enrollments may not end in the middle of a month). Your credit card will not be billed after that. All families are required to keep a credit card on file and tuition is automatically billed on the 25th of each month for the following month.

Why do I pay a registration fee?

It is our administration fee which includes a secondary insurance policy for you and will cover your child under any program they may be enrolled for at MGA. Registration fees are paid at the time of registration and are annual. Each child/family’s registration fee is good for 1 year from the month that it is paid.


FAMILY DISCOUNT: Only one class tuition in your immediate family pays full fare.  All lesser tuitions are discounted 10%.

MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNT:  If a student registers for more than one class per week in the same month, a 20% discount will be applied to the class(es) with the lesser tuition(s).



September 1 - 6

Registration/ Labor Day Weekend

October 11

Columbus Day

October 31


Nov. 25 - 28

Thanksgiving Weekend

Dec. 24 - Jan. 2

Winter Break/New Years

February 21

Presidents Day

Apr. 17 - Apr. 24

Spring Break

May 8

Mothers Day

May 27 - 30

Memorial Weekend

June 19

Fathers Day

July 1 - 4

Independence Day

Aug. 29 - 31


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